Things That Make Me Nervous

Having spent nearly a year getting cozy with setting goals, I find myself increasingly focused on one particular BHAG–goalspeak for a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. BHAGs, in my mind, should be 50% exhilarating, 50% terrifying.

Upon considering a BHAG, the impetus to pee your pants should derive from both enthusiasm (ZOMG!!! Funfetti cupcakes! I’ma pee my pants!!) and apprehension (Eeep! Scary noises in the dark and… I need a change of undies…).

On (approximately) March 7th, Travis, Willett and I will embark on our journey from Georgia to Maine via the Appalachian Trail. That’s about 2,100 miles of quality bonding time and is sufficiently exhilarating and terrifying to qualify, in my book, as one heck of a BHAG.

With a mere 162 days–yes, I like numbers and counting and all things mathemagical–until our little journey, I figured it would do my brain some good to sort through my current list of exhilarating and terrifying:


1. My to-do list is pretty much summed up by: eat, sleep, walk to Maine

2. Hours and days and months of fun with two of my most favorite creatures

3. Streamlining my existence into an organized, packable, ~30 pound bundle

4. Spending more time outside than I may have spent in my ENTIRE LIFE thus far


1. Creatures: ticks, spiders, bears and snakes, in particular

2. Conditions: freezing, sweltering, raining and raining and raining

3. Body parts: breaking, twisting, blistering, swelling

4. Acclimating: living “plan-free,” going to the bathroom in the woods, eating a gallon of ice cream at a time, sleeping in a glorified fluffy sock

Well, I feel better. I began this post focused on all of the things that were nagging the little anxiety-prone knob in my brain yet find myself much more inspired by the first list. And who knows, perhaps a healthy dose of anxiety is the key to us joining the ranks of the 25% who actually make it. That and a homing device centered on 04019…



After five months of Snickers Bars and couscous, eating all the meat and vegetables I can get my hands on...
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