Final Preparations

You’d think that after bidding farewell to our jobs, moving out of the apartment, and getting all last minute health and dental checkups done with that we could perhaps sit around and eat bon bons in nervous anticipation of the next sixth months.

We have learned, however, that putting the “real world” on hold for sixth months and coordinating the logistics for an extended period of nomadic living is indeed a full time commitment.

Our week, in a nutshell:

Tuesday, March 1

  1. crossfit to ensure we were adequately sore for the start of the trail
  2. bake an enormous loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread (a necessary measure given the likelihood of us baking ANYTHING for the foreseeable future…)
  3. haircuts for all (except W)
  4. return the Comcast paraphernalia
  5. coerce CVS into giving me 6 months worth of prescriptions
  6. repair the tent (W made an overzealous attempt at escape one night, plus we had to add some sticky to the floor so that the sleeping bag wouldn’t glide into the corner)
  7. poke loose feathers back into the sleeping bag (rigorous)
  8. scrub T’s car clean of all evidence from numerous muddy dog excursions and farmers market fruit transportation
  9. pay any remaining apartment fees
  10. ensure proper transfer of funds from various investment and savings accounts
  11. trip to Eden Center for farewell banh mis

Wednesday, March 2nd:

  1. second-to-last-minute acquisitions at REI (cheap/wee watch on a cord, waterproof pouches, chocolate with bits of Ramen Noodle in it…)
  2. provision food for departure from Trader Joe’s
  3. mend my trail pants (after being stabbed by T’s hiking pole…)
  4. tucker out the dog at the dog park
  5. walk to Dupont Circle to meet up with Joseph, a Clyde’s bartender who recently completed the trail with his dog–immediately after biking across the country… (We had a fantastic meal at Bistro du Coin, received many pearls of wisdom re life on the trail, and made out like bandits with an amazing little stove!)
  6. drop in on Derich conducting Pub Quiz at James Hoban’s–he’s got radio in his destiny, we’re sure of it
  7. walk home from Dupont, giving us a daily total of about 11 miles–comparable to our first few days on the trail (obviously sans backpacks or major elevation changes…)

Thursday, March 3rd

  1. crossfit–the day’s workout was a rigorous brunch at Silver Diner with all of our favorite people
  2. get the “Gear” and “About Us” sections of the blog ready for public debut
  3. sell T’s car (one less key on the ring!)
  4. finalize labels and locations for mail drops
  5. tucker out the dog at the dog park
  6. research best practices for abandoning your phone and laptop for 6 months without ruining the batteries…
  7. assemble food for departure
  8. mail thank-you cookies and jellies to T’s grandmother
  9. sprint up 14th St. to meet Mary, Emma, Amy, Tug, and Anna for pizza

Friday, March 4th (this one’s a doozy)

  1. final load of laundry
  2. find a better container for our stove fuel
  3. make a user-friendly mail drop calendar for T’s mom
  4. go to the grocery and prepare our last home-cooked meal for a while (we’re thinking fish and fresh… maybe a souffle for fun)
  5. organize the mound of storage we have in T’s mom’s basement…
  6. deposit mad checks at the bank ($$$)
  7. visit lululemon for final goodbye
  8. report T’s car sale to relevant parties
  9. package initial dog food supply in W’s backpack
  10. buy T some wide shoes (we’re talking EEEEEE…)
  11. final trip to REI–more aLOKSAKs (epic waterproof baggies), attempt to exchange my 3/4 sleeping pad for a full length one (mine keeps sliding down into the depths of the sleeping bag…)
  12. shower and shave
  13. pack up the tent (now drying on the porch after getting it’s sticky-floor upgrade)
  14. mass email to our nearest and dearest
  15. change phone voicemail to reflect our change in circumstances…
  16. pass out

Tomorrow we’ll pick up the rental van early in the morning and drive down to Asheville, NC for the night. From there, we’re off to Amicalola Falls State Park to begin the 8.8 mile approach trail taking us to the top of Springer Mountain and the southern terminus of our 2,200 mile journey!


After five months of Snickers Bars and couscous, eating all the meat and vegetables I can get my hands on...
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8 Responses to Final Preparations

  1. Mallory says:

    Anne I’m so nervous, excited and sad! I’ll miss you a bunch but can’t wait to hear all about your adventure.
    Remember to keep your knees out when you’re backsquatting mountain lions. I’ll be tracking you on the comm board so I know where to send the hippest new luon (and silverecent…).
    Best of luck my friend.

  2. Alison says:

    Anne, you are my hero! I’ve always wanted to do this.

    If you need a place to eat in Asheville, Sunny Point Cafe is simply the bomb. Breakfast lunch or dinner.

    Will be following your travails… Good luck!!

    • So excited!!

      Thank you for the recommendation!! I was poking around the food blog world for some suggestions for Asheville and came across a discussion about a trip you and some fellow bloggers were on–so cool! We will have to check it out 🙂

      • Alison says:

        Yes Asheville is a total foodie haven — I ate myself silly on that trip. You will dig it!

        Haven’t stopped thinking about this since I came across your blog earlier today. You are going to have so much fun! What an adventure.

        My in-laws live by the AT in northeast PA, so when you get that far we’ll send them out with some hot food 🙂

  3. Siddharth says:

    I feel like we should do a sled push and thruster tribute for your journey.

    2100 Thrusters
    2100 Sled Pushes

    And by we, I mean everyone but me.

  4. kassimck says:

    Best of luck! I’m so excited for you and so jealous and axious to see you when you get back! Can’t imagine how you’re feeling 🙂

    Rock on, Anne!!!

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