Keeping it Fresh in Old Dominion

Roughly a quarter of the Appalachian trail is within Virginia, and though we hear that some hikers hit the doldrums here, we have found it to be a varied and interesting section. This is certainly due in part to the support from my family during our last section. My mom and sister drove to near Glasgow, a town that would have required a difficult hitchhike for two hikers and a dog. We were met with cold lemonade, fresh fruit, chimichangas and an wonderful array of vegetables. We spent the night in Lynchburg and were able to dine and resupply. The next town, about four days north, was Waynesboro, where my dad picked us up for a similar treatment. The support and familiar faces were a huge morale boost. We send heartfelt thanks!

Here is a selection of pictures from the this stretch:

Anne and Willett crossing a long footbridge over the James River to meet my mom and sister.

We had a huge breakfast at Waffle House. I’d never been. I’ll be back.

A fascinating suspension footbridge, similar to a couple others we have crossed.

We have seen these saprophytic plants often along the trail. One sprouted up with an acorn cap like a beret!

We had a day of hiking over numerous beautiful streams and cascades.

We couldn’t believe it when the white blazes went right up this huge pile of rubble. This sort of obstacle always seems to pop up at the end of a grueling day.


After five months of Snickers Bars and couscous, eating all the meat and vegetables I can get my hands on...
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One Response to Keeping it Fresh in Old Dominion

  1. Misti says:

    Refresh my memory–the rocks, was that Three Ridges? I don’t remember many rocks south of PA like that.

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