Back on Trail

We are back to hiking after four full days in Arlington. We kept busy during our visit, although we admittedly spent most of the time preparing to party with family and friends. The chefs from Clyde’s managed to get away from the restaurants for the evening and prepared an enormous amount of downright righteous food. There was leg of lamb, hanger steaks, grilled chicken and escarole salad, pasta with Italian sausage and another with asparagus, beautiful platters of cured meats and an inspiring array of cold salads and veggies. My former assistants from the bakery brought us sourdough bread and a Marjolaine, a French cake made from thin almond meringues layered between chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut creams. Anne and I rounded out the selection with a rendition of the now infamous Grape Koolaid Pie and a pile of brownies, blondies and “redheads” (our recently imagined molasses bar cookie with candied ginger and raspberry jam). Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the festivity and especially to my mom for hosting it putting so much effort into the preparations!

After the dust settled, Anne and I spent the entire next day planning the next half of the hike, which had us running to several grocery stores, multiple trips to the outfitters, the post office and to pick up a very advanced backpacking hammock from our friend and former thruhiker, Joseph. Anne meticulously examined the guidebook to plan the next thousand plus miles of resupplies and mail drops. We also carefully evaluated our summer clothing and gear selection, which involves some interesting changes that we will detail in a future post.

My mom drove us back to Harpers Ferry early the next morning (we figured that walking back wouldn’t be as novel as the walk in). The trail has welcomed us back with days of rain and thunderstorms, and the forecast promises much more of it to come, which is a dreary and defeating prospect, particularly for Willett, who looks terribly forlorn when the big deluges roll through. We are looking forward to moving through the rainforest that is Maryland and into Pennsylvania where we hope to be able to phone a friend to get us dry and resupplied…

John roasted a locally raised leg of lamb. This shot is prime for some photoshopping…

Francois brought us a gift of morels, the last of the season. Somehow I neglected to take photos of any food other than the mushrooms.

Sal and Sophia with the largest specimen.

Some leftover steak with eggs and morels was our supper the next night.


After five months of Snickers Bars and couscous, eating all the meat and vegetables I can get my hands on...
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  1. Marcia says:

    Swamptones, swamptones…

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