New Digs

As Travis hinted in the previous post, life since the C&O Canal has been, in a word, soggy.

The bulk of our hiking has been divided between dodging immense puddles, depicted above, and scrambling over slick, lichen-ous boulders, depicted below.

Even in such trying conditions, our new hammocks handled the evening rain and passing storms admirably. That said, I came just shy of scampering over and into Travis’ hammock during a few particularly fierce rounds of thunder. Willett slept soundly below Travis’ hammock all evening.

Here are a few sunny shots of hammock life:

Sans tarps.

With tarps.

So far hammock life has been quite pleasant. They are quite cozy and, if you position yourself correctly (diagonally), quite comfortable. We both stayed dry, as did our belongings, which makes the hammocks at least as effective as a proper tent in rainy conditions. Finding two sets of trees at an appropriate distance is significantly easier than finding a flat, bare patch of ground. We are, after all, in the woods. As an added bonus, we have very little interaction with the swampy ground.

Some may see hammocks as the “separate bedrooms” option for thruhikers, but rest assured that Travis and I are no less fond of one another and he does not stink or snore excessively.

Bye bye biscuits and gravy 😦 Hello snazzy new hiking skirt–all the better for changing discreetly while at camp. This sign marked the MD-PA border.

The other Washington Monument. This one is located in Maryland and is significantly more creepy inside.

Fancy fungus

Stay tuned–stories of our wet weather rescue forthcoming!


After five months of Snickers Bars and couscous, eating all the meat and vegetables I can get my hands on...
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5 Responses to New Digs

  1. Siddharth says:

    I spy vibram five fingers!! No more boots?

    • Indeed–the boots made it to the southern border of VA before I realized how much I missed segregated toes. I have some “proper shoes” for the pile of ankle-breaking rubble known as nothern PA, but my pinky toes are protesting fiercely.

      • Douglas James says:

        From Granpa in Arkansas: I once counted hawk migration from that Washingon Monument aong the trail. The top of it is taller in elevation than the one in DC.

  2. Kristin says:

    I love the hiking skirt!! 🙂

  3. Douglas James says:

    Grandpa again–In fact I’ve been to many of the places you all are encountering along the trail.

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