A Dry Place in PennsylRainia

During our muddy trudge through the first section of Pennsylvania, we had been anticipating our arrival in the home territory of our friends at Toigo Orchards. For those following this blog who aren’t familiar, I frequently used their tasty fruits in my dessert making in D.C.

Mark Toigo had called us a couple weeks ago to invite us to stay with them, as the trail passes nearby their farm. With the forecast threatening more daylong soakings, we decided to call them a little earlier than planned. Vas, the orchard manager, picked us off the trail on very short notice and put us up in his house in Carlisle. Having availed ourselves of the shower and laundry, we were taken out for burgers and beer in nearby Boiling Springs, a trail town which we will walk through in couple days.

We spent a full day on Vas’s couch, avoiding the continuing precipitation, enjoyed a series of fantastic meals and indulged in many adult beverages, all of which Mark and Vas insisted were at their expense. In short, we received such fair and generous treatment from our benefactors, that we are still at a loss to express our gratitude.

Vas prepared us goose eggs and bacon for breakfast. The yolks were enormous and rich as butter, perfect for dipping into with sour rye bread.

Mark showing off “Dirty Girl,” his seaplane that he bought in Brazil, refurbished and flew back to the States. Whoa. He is still working on her and hasn’t done a water landing yet, but the five day journey sounded pretty epic. Our hike seemed pretty tame by comparison.

Anne crawled into the nose of the plane and opened a hatch that a crew member would use to assist in mooring the plane on the water.

Before returning us trail, Vas took us by the orchard where Willett cavorted with his wire haired Dachshund, Effie. We left with our packs heavy with apples, cucumbers and strawberries.

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After five months of Snickers Bars and couscous, eating all the meat and vegetables I can get my hands on...
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2 Responses to A Dry Place in PennsylRainia

  1. Helen says:

    Proving again that the best hospitality in the world is at Toigo Orchards

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