Worth the Wait, Part II

The continuing saga of Travis and Anne playing in the White Mountains.

North and South Kinsman:

No photos due to wet weather and a sense of urgency to reach our resupply destination on the other side. The Kinsmans certainly merit description, though. After having agonized about the impending difficulty of Moosilauke and finding it, in fact, quite approachable, we felt confident in our ability to hike in “real” mountains. Unfortunately, “hiking” was not an option while ascending South Kinsman. Rather, we crawled, scooched, tottered, hauled, shimmied, and leapt our way up through steep slabs of granite. Our trekking poles quickly became more of a liability than an aid and were put away for much of the remaining journey.

Franconia Ridge:

Franconia Ridge is an exposed ridgeline connecting three peaks in the Presidentials and culminating with Mt Lafayatte. The views along this ridge are incredible and we could not have wished for a better day of hiking.

Approaching the ridge after an ascent out of Franconia Notch.

A clearer view of the trail along the ridge. Mt Lafayette is the far peak.

The large peak on the center of the horizon is Mt Washington! We were about 25-30 “trail miles” from it–likely much closer as the crow flies.

Looking back up the trail as we descend from Lafayette.

The ridge, in retrospect.

After coming down from the ridge (and then confronting another 4,000+ foot peak) we settled at the Galehead Hut where we were able to swap stove cleaning and a morning sweep for a meal and a night’s rest in the comfort of the enclosed dining room.

Webster Ridge:

After leaving Galehead, we found ourselves facing a fifteen mile day or a twenty one mile day with little chance of camping in between. We heard rumor of bad weather coming in the next day–our planned ascent of Mt Washington–and, thanks to a six mile flat stretch midday, decided to press on for the twenty one.

A Spruce Grouse acting very tame and posing for our photo.

We were lucky enough to hike through this boulder field on a stretch of flat, packed dirt. Little did we know that what appears, from afar, to be dirt on top of Mt Washington is in fact these same boulders.

The six miles we tacked on to our day began here in Crawford Notch and headed straight up that peak, Mt Webster.

Luckily, it was another spectacular evening.

Mt Washington–getting closer!

While we might not recommend a twenty one mile day to those visiting the Whites, we were quite glad for the head start the next morning as we awoke to a rather bleak day.

Mt Washington and the thrilling conclusion of our White Mountain excursion coming soon!


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