And Now…?

Many people who followed our journey via blog have been wondering what we are up to now, and understandably so–it has been over two months since we made our way down Katahdin. Initially, there was little to report. Mostly cooking, eating, and sleeping. I tried to do a few pushups here and there and found them, well, rigorous… Lots of sitting in chairs, using multiple utensils, and changing clothes gratuitously throughout the day. Absolutely thrilling to us, but less interesting to our readers.

Now that the dust has settled and we are situated back in Arlington, the afterglow is beginning to manifest itself. In times of uncertainty about my own abilities (the world can be a scary place for a 20-something who just stepped back on the grid) I often remind myself that we walked from Georgia to Maine. Georgia to Maine. We slept outside for FIVE MONTHS. Given my previous experience with sleeping outside was, generously, seven days over the course of twenty four years, I think that’s pretty impressive. I am sure we are only at the tip of the iceberg as far as this “afterglow” goes, so stay tuned for more retrospect.

Travis and I were both surprised by how much we enjoyed the process of blogging. Yes, writing multiple paragraphs on the iPhone was a challenge, but it was something to do at night and a critical way for us to feel in touch with those sharing our experience via blog. Ideally, we’d love to keep at it. Not to mention how much easier a real computer makes things.

Our adventures now are less about walking and more about creating. Mostly food, but sometimes furniture. Last weekend Travis cured bacon and corned beef while I endeavored to prepare and consume every possible vegetable from the farmers market. Meat and vegetables. The antithesis of couscous and Snickers bars. Glorious.

And now, the photos.

From the vault (ie the camera we brought for the first few weeks but sent home since we couldn’t use the photos in the blog):

The very, very first night. March 6th, 2011.

The first day it really, really rained. Not coincidentally, our first night in a shelter.

Now fast forward a few (7??) months:

Did you know that Travis is an accomplished carpenter? The loveliest of lovely tables in our new apartment.

Tinkering with lights for food photos, in this case tomatillos. Since we won’t be doing very much walking to Maine and sleeping is boring to blog about, expect a notable increase in the amount of blogging we do re eating.



After five months of Snickers Bars and couscous, eating all the meat and vegetables I can get my hands on...
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6 Responses to And Now…?

  1. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the update! :] Those tomatillos look great! Are you using a speedlight to photograph them?

  2. Frances James says:

    Beautiful table!

  3. I’m very excited for the possibility of more food-related updates. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Jeff says:

    Are you from Arlington Va or Texas. If Va would like to pick your brain about Doing the walk.

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