Blogging is delightful until you try to get a spreadsheet on there in a neat and orderly fashion. After a feat of technological wrangling, le gear list:

(please excuse the occasional fragmented word or erroneous gap between rows…)

For the grand total, “skin out” refers to the fact that this figure includes everything we might be wearing on a given day. It does not include any food or water, although it does include vessels for said items.

To get our actual pack weight while hiking, one would subtract out boots and whatever we were wearing while adding in food and water.

We anticipate carrying about 3.5 pounds of food per day (2 for T, 1.5 for me), so an average load of food (~3 days worth) will be 10.5 pounds. The amount of water we carry at any given time will depend on the frequency of anticipated water sources and how often we want to whip out our filter pump.


One Response to Gear

  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the packing list. Did u bring booties for the pup?

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